The story of how I came to sell stunning clothes and accessories is not a particularly unusual one. I have always been drawn to fabulous things at bargain prices and wherever I travel I am always on the lookout. Whilst on holiday in Mallorca a few years ago, I came across a beach seller who had the most amazing neon bikinis, better than any I had ever seen. I bought two and adored them. I am a huge believer in grabbing opportunities and it very quickly dawned on me that I knew lots of people who would love the bikinis as much as I did. When my instinct says go, I go.  I found out who the supplier was and placed an order of 200 to be shipped to the UK. I was spot on – everyone adored them and they sold out in record time.

In 2011, whilst skiing in Switzerland, I spotted a selection of fur pompom hats that were lovely but very expensive. I made it my mission to create my own collection of even better quality hats and at irresistible prices. These have proved my bestseller. 

The JoJo collection includes coats, jackets, clothing and accessories. Our aim is to offer edgy, unique, interesting and beautifully made products at very reasonable prices.

 Luxury can be affordable - we all deserve to look fabulous!


Jo Cleland